The Ledger of Your Life | Pastor Ken Lupton | 03-18-18

March 19, 2018

The Ledger of Your Life

Pastor Ken Lupton

Philippians 3:7-11 HCSB

“There is no growth without change. There is no change without loss. There is no loss without pain. There is no pain without grief.”

*7 Biblical Examples of “Not Letting Go:” 1. Lot’s wife.  2. The Rich Young Ruler.  3. Achan in Joshua 7. 4. King Saul. 5. Judas. 6. King Solomon. 7. Demas in 2 Timothy 4.

1. The Contrast of Gain and Loss. (Philippians 3:7)
Paul mentions Christ by name or by pronoun 9 times in 5 verses here in Philippians 3:7-11
1 of the 5 Solas of the Reformation: Sola Christus.
Paul traded a list of accomplishments for a list of afflictions he would receive.
“I have handled many things in my hands and I have lost them all. But whatever I have placed in God’s hands, that I still possess.” Martin Luther.

2. The Consideration of Gain and Loss. (Philippians 3:8-9)
Christianity is Christ! Salvation is about knowing Him in a personal way.
The Contrast in Verse 9: Self-righteousness versus Savior-righteousness.
Faith is the confident, continuous confession of total dependence on & trust in Jesus Christ.
“He is no fool to give what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose.” Jim Elliot

3. The Challenge of Gain and Loss (Philippians 3:10-11)
A. It is a Personal Experience: To know Him!
   2 Stages to Knowing Christ: 1. Preparatory knowledge. 2. Personal knowledge.
   3 Essentials to Knowing Christ: Time, Talk, and Trust.
B. It is a Powerful Experience: “and the power of His resurrection”
C. It is a Painful Experience: “and the fellowship of His sufferings”
D. It is a Practical Experience: “being conformed to His death”

Too Many Christians today want a discount Jesus…all the value & benefits with very little of the cost!

There are no shortcuts to knowing His person, His power, and His passion!


The Perfect Prayer-Part 7: Lead Us! | Pastor John Black | 03-11-18

March 13, 2018

Date:  March 11, 2018

Text:  Matthew 6:13

Title:  Lead Us!

Series:  The Perfect Prayer, Part 7

Pastor John Black


Listening Guide

Our Main Priorities

  • To make God’s name Holy!
  • To live for God’s Kingdom!
  • To do God’s Will!


Our Necessary Provisions

  • God to provide for our immediate needs
  • God to forgive of us of our sins
  • God to lead us away from sinful temptation

This prayer implies that we have three big problems:

  • We will enter into trials, and the desire to sin will be powerful
  • Our temptations threaten our fellowship with Christ
  • We cannot resist temptation by our own power


This prayer reminds us that we need to rely on three available solutions:

  • God’s Word (Through Scripture, God will guide us in the right way!)
  • God’s Direction (Through prayer, God will show us a way out!)
  • God’s People (Through community, God will provide us the support we need!)



The Perfect Prayer-Part 4: Thy Will Be Done! | Pastor John Black | 02-18-18

February 19, 2018

Date:  February 18, 2018

Title:  Thy Will Be Done!

Series:  The Perfect Prayer

Text:  Matthew 6:10

Pastor John Black


Listening Guide


Thy Will Be Done!

I. The Bible refers to God’s Will in three ways:

God’s Will of . . .

  • Decree - (God’s sovereign plan)
  • Desire - (God’s yearning heart)
  • Command - (God’s revealed word)


We tend to add a fourth to the list . . .

God’s Will of . . .

  • Direction – (God’s futuristic way)


We tend to obsess over finding God’s direction for our lives,

when we should devote ourselves to living out God’s commands in our lives.

II. When we pray for God’s Will to be done, we are praying for . . .

  • Our lives to be lived in full obedience to Him.
  • Our lives to be used by Him and for Him.

The Perfect Prayer-Part 3: Thy Kingdom Come | Pastor John Black | 02-04-18

February 6, 2018

Date:  February 4, 2018

Title:  Thy Kingdom Come

Series:  The Perfect Prayer, Part 3

Text:  Matthew 6:10

Pastor John Black


Listening Guide


I. What is the Kingdom of God?

  • Any place where God Rules and Reigns.

II. What is the scope of the Kingdom God?

  • The Past Universal & Eternal
  • The Present - Spiritual & Personal
  • The Future - Fulfilled & Perfected

III. What principle is Jesus teaching us when He says we are to pray, “Thy Kingdom Come?” 

     We should be praying for …

  • God’s Rule and Reign to come now and forever!
  • satan’s Rule and Reign to end now and forever!

IV. Praying “Thy Kingdom come” means that we should be …

  • Praying for Conversions in the World!
  • Praying to Conform to God’s Will!
  • Making a Commitment to God’s Call!



Ten Biblical Truths About the Afterlife | Rob Phillips | 01-28-18

January 29, 2018

January 28, 2018

Ten Biblical Truths About the Afterlife

John 5:28-29

Rob Phillips

Ministry Support Catalyst, Missouri Baptist Convention

1. Death is not the end of life.

2. There is conscious existence beyond the grave.

3. We retain our identities.

4. We have memories of life on earth.

5. We await future resurrection.

6. We stand in final judgment.

7. Believers are destined for life with Christ in the new heavens and nes earth.

8. Unbelievers are destined for everlasting separation from God in hell.

9. Our choices now have everlasting consequeces.

10. God has chosen not to reveal everything about the afterlife at this time.


The Perfect Prayer-Part 2: Hallowed Be Thy Name | Pastor John Black | 01-21-18

January 22, 2018

Date:  January 21, 2018

Title:  Hallowed Be Thy Name

Series:  The Perfect Prayer

Text:  Matthew 6:9

Pastor John Black


Listening Guide


I. What does it mean to “Hallow” God’s Name?

  • To make God’s name Holy.

II. The Perfect Prayer is a Prayer that . . .

  • Communes with God as “My Father”
  • Esteems God as Sovereign
  • Seeks First and Foremost to Glorify the Lord!

 III. How do I “Hallow” the Name of God?

  • Prepare for worship!
  • Protect my life.
  • Purify my thoughts, speech, and actions.
  • Purpose my prayers!

The Perfect Prayer-Part 1: Our Father | Pastor John Black | 01-07-18

January 8, 2018

Date:  January 7, 2018

Title:  Our Father

Series:  The Perfect Prayer

Text:  Matthew 6:9a

Pastor John Black


Listening Guide


The Perfect Prayer!

I. The Perfect Prayer is a prayer that . . .

  • Communes with God as “Father
  • Esteems God as “Sovereign

II. What can I put into practice from these principles

  • Pray with simplicity
  • Pray in confidence
  • Pray with love